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Limb Pickup Policy



1.  Limbs must be out on the street by 7:00 am on the morning of the week that contains the 15th    of the month.


2.  Limbs must be out on the street with cut ends towards the street.


3.  Limbs can be a maximum of eight feet long (or shorter) and, in the case of multiple branches, not taller or wider than three feet.


4.  Limbs and stumps larger than six inches in diameter will not be picked up.


5.  Debris that is the byproduct of commercial cutting/trimming will not be picked up.


6.  Do not stack limbs near stationary objects such as fire hydrants, mailboxes, utility poles, etc.


7.  Be mindful of parked vehicles in front of your pile that may affect pickup.


8.  Unfortunately, leaves and grass clippings are not being collected at this time.


9.  If your pile is not picked up, please check for a door hanger and look at any checked boxes. You may have violated a limb policy rule, or possibly, your pile may require additional equipment to remove the pile.



In addition to this policy, the Public Works Department shall provide tree limb collection for the removal of storm related tree damage after a severe weather event. This service shall be provided when determined necessary by our Public Works Superintendent.



Any questions regarding this service or these rules, please contact our Public Works Department at 812-766-9997.



This policy may be subject to change.